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What You Need to Know about PVC Shower Panels

When building or redecorating your bathroom, the first thing that will come into your mind is ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are usually the default materials used in creating a stylish and functional bathroom. However, there are disadvantages to using ceramic tiles for your bathroom or in any part of your home.

Ceramic tiles require regular maintenance. Aside from being difficult to clean, it can be hard to fix once it is broken. Replacing broken tiles can be very tedious and cost a lot of money. Although your ceramic tiles may look pristine, the surrounding grouting can be attacked and destroyed by fungi such as mildew and mold which can result in an unhygienic appearance.

PVC Shower Panels: A Better Alternative to Ceramic Tiles

Shower panels made from PVC are easy to maintain and a better alternative to ceramic shower tiles. PVC shower panels are 100% waterproof and can prevent water damage. But apart from being very sturdy, there are more benefits to using PVC shower panels than ordinary ceramic tiles.

Easy to install

Anyone can install PVC shower panels at with the use of basic household tools. PVC shower panels are easier to install than ceramic tiles and provide complete coverage of all areas underneath. They can be cut to different shapes and sizes, with less fuss and clutter that comes with fitting ceramic tiles.

Low (and even zero) maintenance

The grouting that surrounds ceramic tiles often get stained by fungi which creates a greyish or blackish appearance. To clean or remove this stain requires chemicals and hours of scrubbing which will never happen if you use Floors to Walls shower panels instead. The PVC material of these shower panels reduces the need for tedious cleaning since you only to wipe them to restore its shine and luster.

Wide variety of options

If you think that you can only get different designs and effects by using ceramic tiles, you’ll be surprised at the wide variety of options that waterproof shower wall panels provide. You can choose from a wide range of styles, textures, and colors that will suit your bathroom design. You can even choose designs that simulate the appearance of different materials such as concrete, marble, stone, wood and more.

The best part is that PVC shower wall panels from Floors to Walls are very affordable so you don’t need to break the bank to customize your bathroom design or any part of your home. Learn more details about the importance of bathroom renovation, visit

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